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Rejuvenate Washable Shoe SSR 101 Black size 6.5 (40)

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Lightweight closed shoe for women
Black | Size 6.5 (40)
Product Code: 101BK065

The Benefits

Slip resistant soles
Cutting-edge, super slip-resistant technology and puncture-resistant sole to reduce accidents

Supportive foot shape
Ergonomically designed footbed to ease the pressure of long periods of standing and help to improve your posture

Large toe box
Allows toes to sit naturally and comfortably within the shoe
Shock-absorbing material
Reduces the impact and strain of every step

CE Marked
EN ISO 20347 Certification
Vegan-friendly material

  • SSR shoe sole (Sustainable slip resistance)
  • Shock-absorbing E-Tech material helps reduce the impact and strain in every step you take
  • Ergonomic foot bed helps improve your overall standing posture and minimises strain on muscles
  • Supportive foot bed shape skilfully designed to ease the pressure felt from long periods of standing
  • Machine or hand washable for hygiene at 40 °C
  • Super lightweight with no loss of strength (able to float on water)
  • Made from waterproof, odour resistant E-Tech material
  • Eco-friendly E-Tech material moulds to the shape of your feet for ultimate bespoke comfort
  • Large toe box to allow toes to sit naturally with plenty of space
  • CE and EN ISO 20347:2012 compliant
  • Robust EVA (Ethylene-vinyl-acetate) is a soft, flexible, waterproof, non-toxic, UV radiation and crack resistant comfortable footwear material
  • Shoe vents keep good circulation and feet cool yet dry

The occupational footwear experts at WearerTech have made it their mission to understand a day in the life of your shoes, quite literally. After investing in dedicated academic research to understand how chefs, veterinary surgeons, nurses and other challenging professions cope with the physical stress of standing all day the team have developed supportive non-slip footwear specifically for standing.

Crafted from environmentally friendly EVA material, the water resistant Rejuvenate work shoe moulds to the shape of your foot over time. Not only does EVA give you enhanced, personalised comfort, it also provides premium protection. With WearerTech, you get a shock-absorbing EVA outsole to keep your feet safe and dry from impact pressure. Combined with a cutting-edge sustainable slip resistant shoe sole to reduce any accidents you can count on your WearerTech's for safety.

The non-slip sole is also puncture resistant to minimise risk of harm from everyday safety hazards. Relieve foot pressures and go home in comfort with an ergonomic foot bed to reduce standing strain. Reenergise your non-slip footwear for work with the uplifting concept of Rejuvenate: offering practical, personalised protection to your feet.



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